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The Medical Access Corporation of America was founded and incorporated by a group of like-minded healthcare professionals with the input of primary care physicians with over thirty years of experience. Medical Access System (“MAC”) uses experience derived from more than 180,000 direct patient-care visits. MAC was created to manage the and implementation of  direct primary care health networks that are designed to give physicians 100% reimbursement for their fees for medical care and grant full access to medical care to all MAC patients

Medical Access Gives 100% Reimbursement to All Physicians!

Reimbursements to physicians for provided medical care from insurance companies and the government have not risen in over 30 years and have been a great hindrance to the practice of medicine. Financial success for physicians is difficult to sustain due to the profit-driven and fee-for-service mechanics of the current U.S. medical system.

Medical Access Benefits…………

MAC provides a whole new approach to paying physicians for healthcare. MAC is transparent and gives the control of medical care back to the patient and physician. The doctor-patient relationship is again held sacred and is not disrupted and controlled by third-party entities and MAC will:

1.  Provide full access to medical care for all MAC Members.

2.  Eliminate billing and coding requirements for physicians because patient visits do not generate a bill.

3.  Pay physicians a monthly agreed to rate.

4.  Free Electronic Medical Records (“EMR/EHR system”) for physicians and hospitals.

5.   Reduce costs by drastically reducing paper work and delay in receiving medical services under the current system.

6.   Assure privacy because no insurance companies will be involved.

7.    Use Community Risk Pools (catastrophic) coverage for hospital and emergency room visits.

8.    Allow for Personal Medical Savings Records to be maintained electronically and accessed via swipe card.

9.   Eliminate Prior-authorizations and referrals not required before medical treatment is provided.

10.  Provide savings for lab, x-ray, prescriptions, and special needs.

Are you a patient seeking coverage and access to a primary care physician, please click HERE

Are you a physician seeking better reimbursement and wish to improve your practice’s cash flow, please click HERE


Medical Access Direct Primary Care Explained  (video)



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  4. I have reservations about the Coop plan because I don’t know how much it costs to be a member. If the cost is the same or lower than Medicare then great. If the cost is higher, then we are just talking about “concierge care” which is another way to fractionate the market and cherry pick those who can pay while leaving Medicaid patients and poor patients in the dust. Which is it? Also, it is not a portable plan — people do move around.

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