ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers

Obamacare enrollment numbers

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has officially released the Obamacare enrollment numbers.  The numbers are in a 28 page report that  gives complete details on who enrolled in Obamacare  between October 1st and November 2nd.    Below are highlights of the report.

ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers

ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Key  Facts

Total number of completed Marketplace applications:        1,509,883
Total number of  eligible individuals:                                                 1,081,592
Total number eligible for exchanges:                                                    579,146
Total number eligible for Medicaid:                                                        502,446
Total number who selected a Marketplace plan:                           106,185

ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers by Key States

State Run Exchanges
State                Eligible for Marketplace         Eligible for Medicaid      Selected Plan
CA                        93,663                                             79,519                                     35,634
KY                        39,207                                              28,676                                       5,586
NY                       134,897                                            34,267                                     16,404
VT                             3,341                                                1,078                                        1,325
WA                        29,503                                             48,196                                       7,091

Federal Run Exchanges
State                Eligible for Marketplace         Eligible for Medicaid      Selected Plan
AL                       14,696                                                4,910                                     624
FL                        93,456                                                29,637                                  3,571
LA                       10,294                                                   3,277                                    387
MI                       34,197                                                 12,468                                  1,329
NC                      42,110                                                  15,051                                    1,662
OH                      34,374                                               11,866                                     1,150
PA                      43,966                                                15,497                                    2,207
TN                      24,334                                                   8,573                                        992
TX                      80,960                                                 25,520                                       2,291

The numbers found in the report are well below the original estimates made by the Obama Administration. A total of 1,509,883 have completed applications through the exchanges which is 22% of the estimated 7,000,000 who will enroll by 2014 according to the Congressional Budget Office.

On October 2nd, I received an e-mail  confirmation from Health and Human Services (see screenshot below) that my account had been created. On October 14, I was able to see what the entire exchanges look like. I have seen plans on the federal health insurance marketplace but I have not selected one as of yet as I am waiting to see if my carrier will cancel the plan that I have had since 2008.  So far, they have not and I have been told that they will not cancel it.

ObamaCare enrollment numbers


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