Physicians Say NO to Accountable Care Organizations

Physicians in large numbers are rejecting Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). According to a survey by MedScape, physicians believe that these type of organizations are way to risky and are very vulnerable to being defrauded by insurance companies (evidence of insurance companies defrauding Medicare coming in next blog post). MedScape had 3,200 physicians respond to their survey and they came up with the following results:

5% of physicians want to be involved in an ACO

42% say physician alignment is impossible and is primary reason for not moving forward with ACO development

50% believe ACO federal guidelines will have a negative impact on patient care

52% say their income will be dramatically reduced

67% say they will not reduce the amounts of tests and procedures they order in order to comply with federal ACO guidelines

As you can see, there is a very large amount of physician resistance when it comes to ACOs.  In order for the ACOs and other alternative models to be successful, physicians MUST be in support of them. Otherwise, the concept will never work.



Matthew Taber is Chief Operating Officer of Direct Care For Me (, which provides full access to medical care to patients and  100  percent reimbursement to primary care physicians through direct primary care (no insurance necessary) models. Low cost health insurance for business owners and employees. On site health care for employees. Exclusive savings on x-rays, labs, surgery, specialty office visits. See a doctor (family practitioner, internist, ob/gyn, pediatrician) anytime on your smartphone tablet, or computer (telemedicine). Reach him by e-mail at matthew at direct care for me dot com or by phone at 615-669-8347 to sign up today.

About mdtaber

Mr. Taber has a MS and BS in Health Services Administration and has been working in the industry since 1998. Mr. Taber oversees operations, business development, and marketing efforts of the company. In addition, he also acts as government liaison and regularly briefs local, state, and federal government officials on healthcare policy issues. Mr. Taber is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives.
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  1. Mark Ackley says:

    This report is indeed telling. However, anyone can say no or can’t. This is the moment and opportunity for the medical community to present an alternative solution. Who is going to lead that charge?

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