Ryan-Wyden Medicare Plan


Ryan-Wyden Medicare Plan

The Ryan-Wyden Medicare Plan.  On August 11th, GOP Presidential Candidate Governor Mitt Romney introduced Representative Paul Ryan as his choice for Vice President. Once this was announced, media outlets “freaked out” over the Medicare plan Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) wrote with Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI, Chairman of U.S. House Budget Committee). The plan is a bipartisan plan officially called “The Guaranteed Choices to Strengthen Medicare and Health Security for All: Bipartisan Options for the Future” and it is a roadmap for how to strengthen and fix or failing Medicare system. Senator Wyden and Representative Paul focus their plan on choice, affordability, and protecting seniors.

Ryan-Wyden Medicare Plan Facts

Starting in 2022, a new Medicare program will begin offering seniors a choice among private plans and the traditional Medicare plan – much like plans Members of Congress have. Any senior at or above age 55 today will see no changes in their Medicare. (Page 2)

Coverage will be guaranteed through a new “premium support” system that encourages plans to provide high-quality care more efficiently. Private plans will compete directly with traditional Medicare based on their ability to provide quality coverage at an affordable lower cost. Low-income seniors shopping for coverage would be offered the same range of high-quality options offered to all other seniors. They would be guaranteed the ability to choose a traditional fee-for- service Medicare plan, or they could choose a private plan on the Medicare Exchange with a fully- funded account from which to pay premiums, co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs.

Protecting Seniors
To ensure ample protection from scam-artists and bad actors, the program will not only require insurance coverage protections such as guaranteed issue and risk adjustment, but it will also require the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to actively review marketing practices and benefit adequacy. Plans that fail to comply with established standards of participation would have their contracts terminated. Building upon Medicare’s current marketing rules, all plans would also be required to have their marketing materials approved annually by CMS. (Page 2, 10)

Ryan-Wyden Medicare Plan

Above are the facts of Senator Ron Wyden’s Medicare Plan. Keep in mind that is only a proposal and it can not become reality without passing Congress first.

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  1. The Romney/Ryan/Wyden plan is a voucher plan. People who qualify for Medicare would get a voucher worth some dollar amount to be used toward health insurance or Medicare. The problem is that health care costs too much so either the voucher is too big or the out of pocket expense is too big. As painful as it will be the US must address the basic problem of high cost otherwise no plan will work. The economics of health insurance is simple, the insurance cost is a function of the benefits offered and the demographics of the population. The adjustment of benefits is the only lever we can pull.

    • The wording of the bill attempts to obscure the voucher part of the program and I agree our article does not point that out strongly enough. We don’t disparage Senator Wyden for his brave attempt at doing Something but he and everyone else is trapped by the mind set that we have to work with those that have obtained power in the old system.

      In the long run is that all attempts to reform, repair, police or streamline the medical system have all been run into a wall of complexity and fraud. There is no sense in trying make a Stupid and Unethical system work better.

      Turns out we don’t need their permission to Leave the Insurance Industry Out of a new system, that is not based on “fee fo service”.

      The Medical Access Network idea is designed to deliver Medical Care to everyone by providing a simple , transparent system that allow patients, doctors, hospitals and communities to create their own system that operates without corporate profits and gives everyone care.

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